Content: Temporary Mega Poster

Temporary MegaPoster

MegaPosters make any scaffold eye-catching.

Temporary MegaPoster locations offered by APG|SGA, let you test the waters without long-term commitment.

Temporary MegaPosters are guaranteed a large amount of attention. In unexpected places, together with unusual activities such as renovation or building work, they are an attractive temporary eye-catcher.

Our scouts approach the acquisition just as they do for fixed locations. They must be optically appealing and have an above-average amount of footfall. If the terms of the land owner also fit the bill, then the scouts seek the necessary approval. It goes without saying that all APG|SGA, MegaPoster locations are approved by municipal authorities.

The additional wnd load created by the advertising area is absorbed by additional anchoring. This ensures that temporary advertising locations on scaffolding offered by APG|SGA, are just as safe as permanent locations.

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