Content: Free-standing Mega Poster

Free-standing MegaPoster

Free-standing MegaPosters as a permanent or temporary space.

We differentiate between two different types of free-standing MegaPosters.


Permanent free-standing MegaPosters are anchored into the ground using concrete foundations for use over several years. The MegaPoster frames are made of steel that is specially coated to ensure durability. There is no limit on the size of these free-standing spaces. Advertising spaces of this type are located along key transport axes, where there are no builidings so they are clearly visible.

The second type of free-standing MegaPoster is that used at temporary locations. Unlike our permanent free-standing structures, these are constructed on a truss. These free-standing spaces are currently available in a standard 50m2 landscape format only. This standard size also allows for rotation of the advertisements. Temporary free-standing MegaPosters are situated at specific target points along access routes into tourist regions. 

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