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Printing & Finishing

APG|SGA, has an obligation towards its customers and contractual partners to ensure MegaPosters are manufactured to high standards of quality and safety. For this reason we work only with companies that have highly trained employees who are extremely aware of their responsibilities. All our contractually bound partner companies have ultra-modern machinery in all their departments.

They are able to print on almost any material for us: mesh, coated canvas, various textiles, foils, Forex, Dibond, aluminium, Plexiglas, wood and much more. The materials are selected carefully to suit the relevant advertising requirement. As an expample of what can be printed, flexible materials up to a width of 5m and a length of 30m can be printed in one go. Rigid materials up to 3.5m in width, 6m in length and 9cm in depth can be printed. Thanks to Europe's widest and highest quality material printing machine, we cover the whole spectrum of printable advertising materials. For technical reasons, strip printing is unavoidable for "larger" MegaPosters. After printing, the MegaPoster will be edge finished.