Content: MegaPoster upcycling

MegaPoster upcycling 

From the prominent and large to a sustainably practical one-off advertisement.

Are you using a prominent MegaPoster as a wide-coverage advertising tool? Attract a high level of eye contact even after the actual advertising campaign is over: our partner Drahtzug will turn your tarpaulin and net vinyl into exclusive products and practical one-off advertisements with your corporate label.




Drahtzug as an institution


Drahtzug is a social and contemporary non-profit organization which helps people who would otherwise have difficulty finding a job to integrate into the workforce. This takes place primarily by means of value-adding work covering a wide range of services in the commercially-oriented sectors of the economy. We help over 300 people with a mental impairment who have so far not found or cannot find a job in commercially-oriented companies by creating jobs and training places at a workshop with daytime supervision and assisted living in the middle of Zurich. 


  • Swiss Int. Air Lines Ltd.
  • Edelweiss Air AG
  • Emirates Schweiz
  • Alpiq AG
  • Ford Motor Company (Switzerland) SA
  • Evian-Volvic AG
  • Touring Club Schweiz
  • Homegate AG
  • Adidas (Schweiz) GmbH
  • AG
  • Les Ambassadeurs
  • Wander AG
  • Head Switzerland AG etc.



Drahtzugstrasse 72-78
8032 Zürich

Christian Bierer, Kundenberater Fertigung
Carol Luchetta, Leiterin Textil

Tel +41 43 336 76 76