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Facts & Figures


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  1. MegaPosters make advertising extremely prominent.

 APG|SGA recognized this potential early on and has specialized completely in these over-sized eye-catchers since 1998. With our in-depth knowledge of large-scale communication we deliver uncompromising quality backed up with a seamless service range at first-rate Mega Poster locations. APG|SGA can offer you over 120 fixed and temporary advertising locations with up to 1000 square metres of advertising space. So you see, it's impossible to pass an APG|SGA without noticing it.

  1. Great in size and impact

MegaPosters are the only media that display your advertising message in large scale at locations with high footfall. With photo-realistic  digital printing (up to 300 dpi) our MegaPosters cannot fail to capture the attention of your target audience. So it's not surprising that such eye-catchers have become essential and extremely prominent advertising media in only a short space of time. A MegaPoster not only conveys a message, but also brightens up construction scaffolding, improves the aethetics of concrete walls and becomes a talking point due to its size alone. Moreover, we offer printing on a range of materials so there is always one suitable for purpose. These include fire-certified display materials for staging, canvases for outdoors and adhesive foils, to name just a few.

  1. Comprehensive media planning

Once a carefully guarded insider tip, MegaPosters have become a must in any comprehensive media plan. Advertisers bank on the exceptional power of the medium and designers enjoy exploiting the fascinating opportunities it offers. Only with this advertising medium can you send a message to a specific target group at POS, trade fairs and commuter hubs, in only one fell swoop. Displayed simultaneously or in rotation, MegaPosters are also perfect for nationwide campaigns. Moreover, MegaPosters can be combined with other advertising media in a myriad of ways. This multi-talent can be used to advertise events, publicize trade fair and product launch activities, draw attention to promotional days and spark interest in branded goods.

  1. Comprehensive services

Our acquisition specialists can see at first glance which locations are perfect for MegaPosters. Do you have an unused façade or are you planning building work which requires scaffolding or hoarding? Are your premises in attractive locations? If so, this could be of interest to us and to you. That's because MegaPosters provide you with a regular source of income or an extremely prominent space for self promotion. Please get in touch with one of our specialists. With many years' experience of acquiring poster spaces on private land, and with Switzerland's top poster advertising companies as partners, we guarantee a professional and reliable service. 

Creative ideas please

APG|SGA is known for its creative innovations. Adapting innovative techniques from other areas to use with MegaPosters is an ongoing process. This makes unusual advertisements possible in terms of both deadlines and finances.